Friday, October 19, 2012
Seven years ago God granted me a blessing in the form of a lil' girl. 
My third and last pregnancy was a challenge. Not like her older sister, but nonetheless an ordeal. 
I was sitting watching my son learn to ride a horse and my then three year old was playing next to me. Suddenly I felt my hand go numb and slowly my whole arm. I stretched it out and shook it a bit, thinking it would go away. Before I could think anything of it, my tongue also went numb and my vision got blurry. I turned to my daughter to tell her to come closer to me so we could leave, 
but what came out was gibberish. 
That's when I got a lil' freaked. 
I got in the car and waited for my son to finish up, before I drove home. 
How I got home I have no idea! 
I immediately called my doctor, after telling her my symptoms, she said 
"It sounds like you just had a stroke!" 
Say whaaat!?!
I was told to go to the emergency room right away. They did a bunch of tests and nothing came up. She said if it were to happen again, that I should immediately go to the ER. 
Umm... if it happens again!?! 
It had better not! that was crazy scary. 
I was five months along at the time.
It happened again. 
Not just once but 6 other times until the end of my pregnancy. 
I would get stroke like symptoms followed by a severe migraine. 
I was diagnosed with neurological migraines.
Just like migraines anything would set it off; a strong smell, bright light, stress, tiredness, etc. 
It was so scary, my mind was aware of what was happening but I just couldn't control my actions. 
The migraines that followed were hell.
I was told they were occurring because of a heightened level of estrogen, due to being pregnant.
Someone scared me and told me that even after I had the baby,  
I might still continue to experience these symptoms. 
Thankfully that didn't happen. 
My daughter was born during the Holy Month of Ramadan. A great blessing in itself. 
Which is why we chose to name her Rayyan, the name of one of the gates of Heaven, 
that those who observed the fast will enter from.


  1. Wow!! Alhamdulillah that you and your children weren't harmed, when you experienced those 'strokes' :-/ Thank you for sharing your story and I'm glad to hear the symptoms didn't continue after giving birth. What a beautiful daughter and a beautiful name, masha'Allah! :-)

  2. Send Ray our love and best wishes for a wonderful 8th year!! We miss her!

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