Wednesday, September 5, 2012
A couple of months ago I drove up a mountain side to this little piece of heaven. 
Janda Baik is only about 40 minutes outside of KL but seems like a
million miles away from the harsh noise of city life. 
If you are looking for a place to escape and contemplate, you must visit University of Life. 
It will calm your senses and dismiss your stress. 
 There is something extremely calming about being surrounded by nature, it soothes the soul. 
You can't help but feel a magnetic connection with the Creator.
The owner of this bountiful kingdom is a political writer/activist, gardener, architect. 
And above all lover of everything good. 
I've never met such a character like himself. 
He's enthusiastic, charming, wise, eccentric, humble, and selfless.
I was lucky enough to have met him and had the chance to hear him speak. He spoke for over an hour about random things. But if you listened closely you were able to take home his repeated message. 
{Treat others the way you would want to be treated}
I know you guys are probably waiting for all those cooking lessons to start.
Trust me, my family is as well.
But last week my sister (aka Martha Stewart) went through an
unimaginable ordeal that could have ended tragically.
But did not.
God had other plans for her family.
Her 5 year old daughter was in a speedboat on a lake that capsized. With over 8 adults and children on the boat, you can imagine chaos ensued. My niece was stuck under the boat and although attempts were made to reach her, no one could get to her. Thankfully two men angels arrived on jet skis and at lightning speed were able to pull her unconscious body out of the water and give her cpr.
They also happened to be trained divers.
A quick trip to the E.R. and she was back to her old self.
She is vivacious, mischievous, sassy and has an attitude of a 15 year old rebel.
I jokingly asked my sister if this experience changed my niece any.
But apparently near death experiences don't phase a five year old ;) 


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