Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"It is never too late to ask yourself," Am I ready to change the life I am living? Am I ready to change within?" Even if a single day in your life is the same as the day before, it surely is a pity. At every moment and with each new breath, one should be renewed and renewed again. There is only one way to be born into a new life: to die before death." Shams Tabrizi

The beauty of life is we are constantly in a state of change. 
Just like the seasons that come in and out of life we too are constantly changing. 
Parts of us die off and new things grow in its place.

Hopefully for the better. 
As a Muslim, I'm constantly striving to be a better version of myself.
 I say a better version of myself cause, I am me, and I like me! 
But I can always change and grow for the better.

I remember growing up, I always tried to be like others.
I either admired what I saw in them that I lacked or thought they were really cool. 
Now as an adult I realize I can only be who I am, take it or leave it, what you see is what you get. 
 I'm finally okay with that.

So people might think I'm too loud and sarcastic, they might think I procrastinate too much, I don't take life too seriously, I laugh too much...
Well those are just a few of the things that I actually like about myself...
except the procrastinating thing...an ugly trait to have. 
In our seeking change, we usually already realize the obvious things that we'd like to tackle first. 
But more often we overlook some of the most crucial things that need us to change the most. 
Matters of the heart, the mind...these emotional changes can lead to a freedom of chaos that has built itself in our body and has caused deep emotional and physical damage. 
How do you know and realize that this is the case? 
Well...take time to breathe, to reflect, and to feel. 

Scarf: Inayah, Necklace: Zara, Elephant top: Mango, 
White button down: Gap, Jeans: Gap, Shoes: Coach.


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