Monday, September 19, 2011
I'm having a hard time thinking of blog posts. This might be because I am still trying to make sense of this mess I'm in. Trying to figure out what to unpack for three months and what to leave already packed is making me go crazy. 
Thinking about leaving it all to go live with the Amish
For your entertainment I thought you might enjoy reading this list of 25 random things about moi!
1.I would rather scrub a toilet than cook.
2.I hate to cook but love to entertain.
3.I'm a huge procrastinator. Does anyone know if there is a medication I can take for this?
4.I live for my children. Can you be too attached to your offspring?
5.I am a night owl.
6.I'm thankful everyday for my husband.
7.Husband and I are complete opposites.Complete.
8.I love cabbage, asparagus, tomatoes, and lamb.
9.I am addicted to Coke.The drink. I have tried many times to stop, but the force is strong.
10.Same goes for Target. I really should be a board member or something.
11.I think about dying and leaving my children without a mother everyday.
12.I have a magazine fetish. I have piles all over my house waiting to be read, on decor, fashion, health and raising great children.
13.I have eaten string cheese ever since I can remember. I always have to bite the tips off first and then slowly pull it apart.
14.I can't imagine my life without my mother.
15.I. AM. SARCASTIC. Accept it.
16.I am a shopaholic. (Husband, accept it)
17.I like to have multiple projects going at once. Nothing ever really gets done. See#3.
18. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up.
19.I have always wanted to be an actress.
20.I consider myself very spiritual. My faith has kept me afloat when I thought I might drown.
21.I consider myself pretty optimistic.
22.I am a people pleaser and a total push over.
23.My motto is "treat others like you would like to be treated"
24.My dream is to live in Manhattan one day.
25.I love ice cream. Has to be without anything in it that has to be chewed. Cookie, nuts, chocolate pieces, etc.
{Malaysia 2011}


  1. I agree the force is strong when it comes to that drink.

  2. I really like your post, quite a insight - lol, dnt stress though im sure it will all work out just fine, dnt be overly critical of yourself your prob more organised than you give yourself credit for.
    I was also wondering where can i watch your faith walks the land documentry, i really liked the trailer?

  3. :) Enjoyed going thru this post.

  4. You know I´ve read your blog (and really love it)for a while now, but never left a comment, not sure why...
    I love this post... Interesting how we are from pretty different backrounds, but still seem to have a lot in common (from what i´ve read above).
    Oh and number 11 makes me feel less crazy... At least im not the only crazy mother with that reoccuring thought (torturing, isnt it?)lol
    Congrats on the blog!!!

  5. Pretty good post. Keep writing!

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