Thursday, February 3, 2011
Back in November I went on a detox. Not one of those celebrity, random detoxes. But a real one with the help of my wellness doctor/acupuncturist. 
For three weeks I ate raw foods and absolutely no sugar (I have a caramel macchiato and chocolate chip cookie almost everyday) and protein shakes. The second week I added grains and cooked veggies. The final week I was allowed to add fish if I wanted. 
The first three days were tough. I had a massive pounding headache (probably because of my lack of coffee.) The first day my headache was so bad I went to bed at 6pm hoping that it would go away when I woke up. Wrong. 
I woke up the next morning with still a pounding headache. 
On the third day it began to slowly go away. 

You see I am constantly tired. I wake up in the morning and literally have to drag myself out and when I do get up I can't wait to get back in. 
Sometimes I would drop the kids off and come back home only to literaly get back into bed. 
And sleep all day. 
This was not normal and I realized I needed to do something quick or I would miss out on life.

Which is why I decided to do something about it. I must admit that paying for the detox definitely motivated me to keep on going. My wellness doc. provided the protein powder and the vitamins. 

On the fourth day I woke up, by myself, before my alarm clock. 
I cried. 
No really I did. 
I couldn't believe how rejuvenated I felt. 
Do I sound like an infomercial? 

Well my detox ended a few days before Thanksgiving. 
I was very Thankful. 

After a few days of eating "normally" again I quickly realized I didn't feel good. At all. 
I started thinking I was gluten intolerant. The more I read about gluten intolerance the quickly I realized they were talking about me. And I was pretty sure my mom and sisters are as well. 

 I am seeing an amazing Naturopathic doctor who specializes in gluten intolerance. And am getting properly tested. So we shall know for sure very soon. 

I met the above mentioned doctor when the other day my friend and I went to hear this sweet woman speak. 
She is amazing. And should be awarded the noble peace prize.
You can purchase her books right here

Another great gluten free blog is a local couple that have really yummy recipes, even though they don't sound like it.

Do any of you have any experience with being gluten free?


  1. My middle son had to go off gluten for a while but it didn't help his problems. We did it for about a month and I have to say, the food is not that bad and Bellingham has great resources for people with special diets. Hope you find out what is making you sick.

  2. I lived gluten free for two years back in the mid 90s. I had been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Healed my gut and restored my immune system with probiotics and no gluten. Then, I slowly worked back into eating gluten. I have been tested and do not have celiac disease nor gluten intolerance anymore.

  3. Which doc are you seeing? I went thru an ND in Seattle, because that is where I was living at the time. Does glutenfree girl live in Seattle? Is that where you saw her speak?

  4. One more post: Do you shop at the coop? Their Swan Cafe has tons of gluten-free options and the whole store makes shopping gluten-free very easy. There are hidden glutens in almost everything that is packaged when you shop at regular stores. It is in soups, crackers, you name it. Unless it says gluten-free, it probably has gluten in it somewhere: MSG or other forms. Making your own or shopping in a place like the Coop is your best bet. I hear TJs has some choices, too, and Costco has quinoa.

  5. Kathy, the doctor is here in town. She was at the reading at Village books. Gluten-Free girl is the one that recommended her. She just happened to be sitting right next to me.
    Gluten-free girl lives on Vashon island? I think.

  6. We're all gluten-free (and mostly dairy-free) in our house, Iman :) Let me know if you need some ideas! Or if you want to come over for dinner sometime :)

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